Walking Tour with guide

Walking, talking and listening in the old centre.

Walking tours in the old Part of monumental De Rijp.

There’s much to tell about the village of De Rijp and her rich history and sights. Our experienced guides will tell you all the interesting facts in 1 till 1.5 hour during walking tours.

*** When our Dutch weather is prohibiting the tour the booking can be cancelled without costs***

Underneath you will find our walking tours:

** Walking tour with guide in the old part of the village
Duration: 1-1.5 hour / minimum 10 persons.
You will walk through the old part of the village and will see the old town hall, church, “poor-part” and the beautiful rich Rechtestraat. Experience the Golden Age.

Price: € 5 p.p.           Coffee with cake before the walk ?:   € 5,50 p.p.

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**Walking tour with guide through the old part of Graft
Duration:  0.45 hour / minimum 5 persons
Your experienced guide will tell you about the smallest candyshop, beautifull townhall build in the year 1613 and the fully restaurated churchfloor.

Price: € 4.50 p.p.  / extra bag of old dutch candy: + € 2 p.p.

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**Walking tour with guide through the Great Church of De Rijp
Watch and learn from it’s rich history.
Duration: about 1 hour / minimum 10 persons
Price: € 2,50 p.p.

grote kerk de rijpGrote%20Kerk%20interieur







**Walking tour with guide through Museum Het Houten Huis
Duration: about 1 hour / minimum 10 persons
Price: € 17,50 + entree € 3,90 p.p.


**Combinationt-tour Canal Cruise with visit of Graft and candyshop
Duration: about 3 hours / minimum 10 persons
Price: € 16,50 p.p.  ( € 1,50 euro discount p.p. )

** Are you with less persons than 10 ? You can also join the tour bij paying the minimum amount.

vvv  Het Land van Leeghwater  Bureau Toerisme Laag Holland
Museum in 't Houtenhuis